Today in World History: January 10th

The Adventures of Tintin, a series of Belgian comic books by cartoonist Hergé. was first published today in 1929. The comics, which were originally featured in a magazine, eventually became their own books. They covered topics from the Yeti, to space exploration, to Inca mummies. It followed a young reporter, Tintin, and his dog, Snowy. Along them were often Captain Haddock and the comically deaf Professor Calculus. Later in the series, their adventures also involved the Italian singer Bianca Castafiore. The last book was published in 1976, and he died seven years later. Tintin remains one of the most culturally important comics of the 20th century, with over 200 million copies sold.


3 thoughts on “Today in World History: January 10th

    1. Very interesting. Didn’t know Hergé was Belgian. I just thought he was French. It just goes to show you how little I know about the Benelux region.


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