Today in World History: November 15th

On November 15, 1533, Francisco Pizarro arrived at the Inca capital of Cusco. Under the rule of Spanish King Charles the First, Pizarro and his conquistadors were set to conquer an entire empire. After meetings with Inca king Atahualpa were held and the Spaniards’ presence in now modern Peru were deemed intolerable by the Inca, a battle broke out, where Atahualpa was captured and yet another empire fell to the mighty Spanish Conquistadors.

“Friends and comarades! On that side [the south] are toil, hunger, nakedness, the drenching storm, desertion, and death; on this side ease and pleasure. There lies Peru with its riches; here, Panama and its poverty. Choose, each man, what best becomes a brave Castilian. For my part, I will go to the south.”
-Francisco Pizarro, History of the Conquest of Peru by William H. Prescott (1848)


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